45th President of the US Vladimir Putin Coin

45th President of the US Vladimir Putin Coin

Order the silver plated commemorative coin honoring our 45th President Vladimir Putin today!

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Own a piece of American history. Purchase the 45th President of the US Vladimir Putin coin to prove you are a loyal patriot.

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Check out the fully uncensored Putin coin commercial the mainstream media didn’t want you to see.

Own A Piece Of History

After winning the 2016 Presidential election in a landslide victory, Vladimir Putin was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. To celebrate this historic event, the administration has authorized the limited edition minting of this silver-plated commemorative coin.

45th President Vladimir Putin Coin Front Obverse Alt

The Obverse

The front of the coin is sculpted with a formidable portrait of Vladimir Putin. With his steely gaze, he makes cowards’ blood bleed. In fact, several dishonest journalists suffered fatal heart attacks after viewing the coin.

45th President Vladimir Putin Coin Back Reverse

The Reverse

The coin’s reverse features the US Presidential Seal. The barrel-chested American bald eagle holds a magnificent banner proclaiming “Bol’shoye Spasibo” (that’s “thank you very much” in Russian).

Triumphant Features


Silver Plated Omnipotence

A stunning silver-plated coin, featuring a beautiful mirror-like reflective surface which contrasts with the intense frosted design that rises above it like a dominant Russian bear.

45th US President Vladimir Putin Coin vs Quarter Size Comparison

Gigantic 40mm Diameter

If you’re an American, that’s over 1.5 inches! If you’re a coin nerd, that’s the size of an American Silver Eagle Dollar. Look how puny Washington looks in his ponytail next to a real man like Putin.


Limited Edition Minting

Given their limited worldwide availability, these coins will only increase in value. This privately minted silver plated non-monetary issue will never be released for circulation, like Presidential tax returns.


Proudly Minted in Crimea*

Underneath the silver plating lies the coin’s true strength. That’s because our coins are minted from the recycled metal of Soviet tanks and spent Kalashnikov shells. So they’re eco-friendly, but still incredibly manly.

*Alternative facts. They’re actually made right here in the USA. Or China.

Get Your Putin Coin Today

Purchase your coin today to commemorate the historic 2016 Presidential election. Never forget that democracy is alive and well in the United States.

45th President of the United States Vladimir Putin Coin Gift Box


45th President Vladimir Putin Commemorative Coin Gift Package

$14.95  $495

45th President Vladimir Putin Coin


45th President Vladimir Putin Commemorative Coin

$9.95  $480

Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

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Great for Supporters & Detractors

Our ever-victorious, iron-willed Leader has lots of fans across this great country of ours (and a few paid agitators who will soon be crushed). If you want to send this exquisite coin as a gift to someone, just enter their shipping address during check out.


Perfect for Putin-Loving Reps

Our ever-victorious, iron-willed Leader has lots of fans across this great country of ours. If you want to send this exquisite coin as a gift to a Senator or Representative, just click below to find your elected official and enter their shipping address at checkout!

Patriotic Products For Real Americans

Check out our entire collection of premium quality merchandise, honoring the 45th President Vladimir Putin, plus some products featuring reality TV personality, Donald Trump (Mr. Putin does not personally know this man and he definitely does not have kompromat on him).

45th President Vladimir Putin Donald Trump T-Shirts


  • It's inarguable that Putin is a stronger leader than Barack Obama.

    Mike Pence (R)
    Fmr. Senator
  • The perception of [Obama] and his potency across the world is one of such weakness. People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at [Obama] as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.

    Sarah Palin (R)
    Fmr. Governor
  • Putin decides what he wants to do and does it in half a day. He makes a decision and executes it quickly and everybody reacts. That’s what you call a real leader.

    Rudy Giuliani (R)
    Fmr. Mayor
    New York City
  • Great move [V. Putin] - I always knew he was very smart!

    Donald Trump
    Trump Organization
  • [Putin] likes to hang out with his shirt off and tells the West, "If you mess with me, I’ll kill you all."

    Eric Bolling
    Co-Host of The Five
    FOX News
  • Can I just make a special request in the magic lamp? Can we get like Netanyahu, or like Putin in for 48 hours, you know, head of the United States? I don't know. I just want somebody to get in here and get it done right so that Americans don't have to worry and wake up in the morning fearful of a group that's murderous and horrific like ISIS.

    Kimberly Guilfoyle
    Co-Host of The Five
    FOX News
  • [Putin is] a real leader, while [Obama] is incapable and unwilling to lead.

    Ralph Peters
    Strategic Analyst
    FOX News
  • [Putin] is the lion of Christianity, the defender of Christian values, the president that’s calling his nation back to embracing its identity as a nation founded on Christian values [...] The contrast between [Putin] and [Obama] could not possibly be more striking.

    Bryan Fisher
    Fmr. Director of Issues Analysis
    American Family Association (AFA)
  • I have a very close relationship with [Putin.] I don’t agree with everything he’s doing. I don’t agree with everything a lot of leaders are doing. But he understands that I am a businessman. And I have invested a lot of money, our company has invested a lot of money, in Russia, very successfully.

    Rex Tillerson
    Fmr. CEO
    Exxon Mobil
  • [Putin] is seeking to redefine the ‘Us vs. Them’ world conflict of the future as one in which conservatives, traditionalists and nationalists of all continents and countries stand up against the cultural and ideological imperialism of what he sees as a decadent West.

    Pat Buchanan (R)
    Fmr. Senior Advisor
    Ronald Reagan
  • I think there’s something inherently attractive about Vladimir Putin when you compare him to President Obama and that’s something that’s going to resonate with some Republicans regardless of what Trump says. He’s decisive and unapologetically pursues Russian interests in a way Obama didn’t for America, in the minds of many Republicans.

    Daniel Vajdich (R)
    Fmr. Foreign Policy Advisor
    Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • In Putin, you’ve got a big strong guy, muscular and shirtless on a horse who wrestles tigers, while the President wears mom jeans.

    Charles Payne
    Host of Making Money with Charles Payne
    FOX Business
  • In a way, you gotta hand it to Putin.  He knows the West is weak.

    Bill O'Reilly
    Host of The O'Reilly Factor
    FOX News
  • It's like they want Obama to seem weak to the Russian people, that they don't respect weakness. ... There you got Putin, big, strong, muscular, on a horse.

    Sean Hannity
    Host of The Sean Hannity Show
    FOX News

Seriously, This Is Real

We strongly suggest a purchase. It would be a great shame if you were to catch the polonium-induced flu that’s going around in Ashburn, Virginia.

45th President of the United States Vladimir Putin Coin Gift Box


45th President Vladimir Putin Commemorative Coin Gift Package

$14.95  $495

45th President Vladimir Putin Coin


45th President Vladimir Putin Commemorative Coin

$9.95  $480

Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

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